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Transport and Traffic

Transport and Traffic

Transport and Traffic

The goal for the future of Glebe is to develop a broad based public philosophy to transition our streets away from an auto-centric approach to one that treats streets as public places and prioritises them for walking, cycling and transit. Glebe’s urban form and low to medium density housing means that people are close to […]  Read more »

Posts about Transport and Traffic

How WestConnex Will Affect You

Posted on 4th October 2017

By Jan Wilson, on behalf of StopWestConnex-Glebe Forest Lodge, a group of concerned locals campaigning against the $17 billion+ WestConnex toll road and for better public and active transport.  Read more »

The Shared Cycle and Pedestrian Foreshore Path

Posted on 7th September 2017

We have some concerns about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the shared cycle and pedestrian path that runs along the foreshore of Blackwattle Bay from the end of Glebe Point Road to Bridge Road.  Read more »

Transport and Traffic Subcommittee Annual Report 2016-2017

Posted on 28th July 2017

This has been a busy year for the Transport and Traffic Group. We have been involved with several matters including working to limit the adverse impact of the WestConnex project on Glebe and Forest Lodge, seeking improvements to the cycle amenities in our suburb and making our concerns known to the State Government about its proposal to privatise our bus services.  Read more »

Letter to the Premier on the privatisation of bus services

Posted on 25th July 2017

Attached is our letter to the NSW Premier questioning the Government’s recent decision to appoint a private operator to run the Glebe and Forest Lodge bus services.  Read more »

Letter to the City of Sydney on cycle ways

Posted on 25th July 2017

Attached is our submission to the City of Sydney seeking an improvement to the cycling amenities in Glebe and Forest Lodge. The City is currently reviewing the outcome of its 10 year plan to build a network of integrated cycle ways in central Sydney.  Read more »

Another Dud Decision on Transport

Posted on 29th June 2017

The NSW Government recently announced its decision to privatise the bus services in Glebe and Forest Lodge. The concern is that privatising bus routes will mean a decline in services.  Read more »

Cycleways in Glebe – Not Satisfactory: What Happens Now?

Posted on 24th February 2017

The cycleways in Glebe and Forest Lodge are not satisfactory. The ones we have are disjointed and often put cyclists onto our busiest streets, where the risk of injury is a major concern.  Read more »

WestConnex Revamp: Camperdown Traffic Portals Abandoned

Posted on 1st December 2016

WestConnex has announced a revamp of the proposed M4-M5 Link.  Read more »

No WestCONnex Portals Please!

Posted on 28th October 2016

Over 250 Glebe and Forest Lodge residents attended a ‘Stop WestConnex’ meeting on Monday 24 October at Glebe Town Hall which was organised by the Coalition of Glebe Groups.  Read more »

Transport and Traffic Subcommittee Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Transport and Traffic Subcommittee Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Posted on 29th July 2016

Transport and Traffic matters were again dominated this year by the WestConnex project.
The Glebe Society was also involved in opposing a series of changes proposed by IPART to the fares structure for NSW public transport, including a suggested increase of the daily fares for seniors from the current $2.50 a day maximum to $9 a day maximum.   Read more »

Stop WestCONnex Glebe-Forest Lodge

Posted on 29th July 2016

A very successful public meeting was held in Glebe Town Hall on 20 June. A panel of experts focused on providing information. They covered governance, transport, geology, health and the City of Sydney’s opposition to WestConnex.  Read more »

Built Environment 2037

Posted on 5th July 2016

A very well attended public meeting unanimously passed a resolution calling on the State Government to immediately cease all work and all contract negotiations on WestConnex until the findings of the Australian National Audit Office which is now investigating the project are announced.  Read more »

Opposition to WestConnex Heats Up

Posted on 12th June 2016

WestConnex recently released its plans for the Glebe/Forest Lodge sections of the WestConnex project. These involve road tunnels running beneath our suburb, with spaghetti junction interchanges centered around the Rozelle goods yards and on Parramatta Road in Camperdown.  Read more »

WestCONnex – Road Tunnels under Glebe – Public Meetings

Posted on 3rd May 2016

WestConnex recently released its plans for the Glebe section of the WestConnex project. This involves road tunnels running underneath our suburb and spaghetti junction interchanges centred around the Rozelle goods yards and on Parramatta Rd near Missenden Rd in Camperdown.  Read more »

The Past and Future Trams of Glebe

Posted on 29th March 2016

Steam trams ran from 1882 to Cook St, Glebe; with a small extension to Pendrill/Leichhardt Sts in 1896. Horse buses were more widespread, from Millers Point to Lyndhurst and to Forest Lodge. Electric trams ran from 1900.  Read more »