Recent posts include reports on the Glebe Society’s House History Research event, the Society’s visit to the historic Rothwell Lodge and the Remberence Day ceremony which included a fascinating talk by Max Soling about how, in 1919, the local community grappled with the proper way to remember their lost generation.

In the Social History section, you’ll find two new articles about Wentworth Park – one shows the community concern in 1870s about the push to retain land for recreational purposes when Blackwattle Swamp was reclaimed for the Park and the other deals with the period when Wentworth Park was used for motor racing.

The latest in the Who Lived in Your Street? series tells the story of ‘Belle’ Parr who was the victim of a murder-suicide shooting.

And if you’re looking for much, much more, over 400 past Glebe Society Bulletins, dating from the beginning of the Society in 1969 to 2017, are now online.