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The Glebe Society’s Bulletin is published ten times yearly and contains news affecting Glebe.  It provides a forum for the exchange of information, a community noticeboard and details of forthcoming Society events.

Some current issues featured in past Bulletins are published in this website’s News page and our Bulletin editor is happy to consider any matter pertaining to Glebe to be contributed material for publication.  Click on Editor to send an email.

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  1. Comment by Michele Fraser on December 19, 2014 at 9:18 am:

    The Bay Street development proposal is unacceptable for many reasons – the site is too noisy, it is flood prone, it will generate too much traffic and noise, and there are too many instances with non compliances with fire safety, residential mix, and other controls. The Hands off Glebe submission can be found on our website.

    20,887m2 of development on a site of 5,427m2, will make it the highest density development in Glebe. The height and style, of triumphant brutalism, is out of keeping with this modest part of Glebe, and will overwhelm surrounding development. We are surprised that the Glebe Society made no submission concerning this development proposal, but have objected to the addition of a third storey in Avon Street because it will be visible above the ridge line!

    The Bidura Children’s Court is a purpose built Court which has been serving the community for 30 years. It is one of the better Children’s Court facilities, with a sheltered courtyard and pleasant internal accommodation. There are two Courts operating most of the time, doing a thankless job in both care matters and crime. The Court will continue operating during a 2 year leaseback period. The NSW Government is then considering reopening Albion Street Court, which will mean dislodging the community organisations occupying that facility.

    Hands off Glebe is concerned not just about the buildings, but about the loss of much needed community assets.