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Committee Members

Contact email addresses for Glebe Society Committee Members are below.

For general enquiries, please use the Contact Us form (click here
or post to The Glebe Society, P.O. Box 100, Glebe, NSW, 2037

Allan Hogan
Allan Hogan was a television journalist and producer for almost 50 years. He worked at the ABC on “This Day Tonight” and “Four Corners” and was a correspondent in London and Washington. He was the presenter of the Queensland edition of the “7.30 Report”. In 1978 he joined the Nine Network’s “60 Minutes” and in 1980 was the founding Executive Producer of the” Sunday” program. In 2005 he was the Executive Producer of SBS TV’s “Insight” program. In 2007 he joined “Enough Rope with Andrew Denton” as script editor. He retired in 2014. He and his wife Jess have lived in Glebe since 2011.
John Gray
John is a retired Professor whose research examined how institutions, like law and law firms, interacted with their context. They affect each other unevenly in terms of power. This led him to work in community engagement by which organisations recognize their roles in working with communities. He has brought these interests to his role in the Glebe Society. He has also brought his great love of Glebe for his family lived in Glebe in the late 1800s and most of the 1900s. They were tenants in the St Phillips section of The Glebe Estate and lived in Wentworth Park Road.
Immediate Past President
Ted McKeown
Jude Paul
Minutes Secretary
Rozzie Hecker
Jane Gatwood
Bulletin Editor
Virginia Simpson-Young
Virginia has been editing the Glebe Society Bulletin since 2013, when Edwina Doe decided to call it a day after 10 years in the job - and what a good job she did! She also convenes the communications subcommittee, which mainly involves coordinating the Society’s seemingly ever-expanding media presence. Virginia and her family moved to Glebe in 2009, largely because they wanted to live somewhere interesting enough that the kids would come visit when they left home. So far it's working (touch wood). She is now a lady of leisure, but used to do research in the health and social services sectors, having also dabbled in academia. Virginia loves living in Glebe because of the 'village feel' – and because her kelpie, Sophie, can swim in the bay. She also loves Glebe because it has the Glebe Society which is full of amazing people.
Events Co-ordinator
Judy Vergison
Heritage Convenor
Liz Simpson-Booker
Liz spent her career in Association Management, at the interface between business and State/Federal government. She moved to Glebe in 1998 and joined the Glebe Society, an association of community members at the interface with Local/State government. So it seemed she was fated to become the Glebe Society Secretary, a task she undertook for ten years. She is an Honorary Life Member, and has convened the Heritage Subcommittee since April 2013. She is passionate about Glebe’s human-scale 19thC built environment and its preservation.
Planning Convenor
Neil Macindoe
Resident of Glebe for 35 years. Career in schools and TAFE. Glebe Society roles include President and Planning Convenor (current). Various degrees including Master of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Sydney. Councillor at Leichhardt for 8 years. Awarded Medal of Order of Australia in 2012 for community service.
Bays & Foreshores Convenor
Lesley Lynch
Transport & Traffic Convenor
Murray Jewell
Murray has lived in Glebe for 3 years. Murray holds a bachelors degree and a masters degree in law. He is a commercial lawyer and was a partner in Australian and New Zealand law firms for 20 years, specializing in taxation, trust, corporate and banking law. He has been a member of the Glebe Society since May 2011 and has been on the Management Committee since August 2011. He is the Convenor of the Transport and Traffic Subcommittee and the Assistant Treasurer. His interests include sailing, the humanities, international politics and travelling. His ambition for Glebe is that it retains its character as a friendly and supportive village community with a diverse population. He is also a director of WEA, the adult education centre located in the CBD Sydney.
Community Development Convenor
Janice Challinor
Originally from the Riverina District of NSW, Janice moved to Sydney in 1971 to pursue further tertiary education. Janice’s first awareness of Glebe came while undertaking a post graduate course in Urban Design in 1978 in which fieldwork, examining the Glebe Urban Renewal project, was included. A move to Glebe in 2005 created the opportunity to give a Victorian terrace a new lease of life. It also gave her the opportunity to learn to appreciate and enjoy the many advantages that life in Glebe has to offer its residents.
Now as a retired secondary school teacher whose discipline was within the Social Science area, and having joined the Glebe Society in 2011, Janice is finding more time available to contribute to the local community through volunteer activities. She has also undertaken the role of TGS representative to FLAG this year, and considers that Glebe is where she means to stay indefinitely.
Blue Wrens Convenor
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood is a veterinarian and academic who has worked for universities in Australia, the UK and the USA. He joined the Glebe Society soon after moving to the suburb in 1976 and has held numerous roles including President and convenor of the Light Rail and Environment Subcommittees; he was elected as a Life Member of the Society in 1999. At present he is convenor of the Blue Wren Subcommittee. In 2008, the Society, together with the City of Sydney, published a report entitled “Superb Fairy Wren Habitat in Glebe and Forest Lodge – a community based conservation project”. The Subcommittee works with the local community and bush care groups towards implementing the recommendations of the report as well as the retention and enhancement of biodiversity in our suburb.
Environment Convenor
Asa Wahlquist
Communications Convenor
Virginia Simpson-Young
See entry under 'Bulletin editor'
Committee Member
Carole Herriman
Carole moved to Glebe in 2008 having previously lived in Perth W.A.
She has retired from strategic management consulting which she took up after many years working in IT and statistics in universities in Canada, USA and Australia. She has an interest in maintaining vibrant communities and participates in this through organising the Glebe Voices series of talks. Carole was introduced to community participation when she lived in Perth, where she was a member of the Subiaco (local) government committee on environmentally sustainable development.
Committee Member
Diane Hutchinson
Committee Member
Scott Calvert
Committee Member
Margaret Cody

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