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Harold Park, Harold Park ?!?

No, the heading above is not a typographical error. City of Sydney is proposing to name the newly created park in the Harold Park development, ‘Harold Park’. Is it just us, or is this very confusing?  Read more »

Tramsheds Wins the National Trust’s ‘Adaptive Re-use’ Heritage Award

Congratulations to Mirvac for receiving one of the National Trust’s Heritage Awards for the adaptive re-use of the Rozelle Tram Depot.   Read more »

‘Books, Billiards, Fruit Machines’ by Lyn Collingwood

As part of Glebe Library’s 20th anniversary celebrations, actors Lyn Collingwood, Elaine Hudson and Kim Knuckey gave a PowerPoint presentation. This is the edited script.  Read more »

Anzac Day 2017 Talk

Anzac Day 2017 Talk

This is the speech which Max Solling gave at the Anzac Day ceremony at the Glebe Diggers’ Memorial in April.  Read more »

ANZAC Day 2017

Soon after dawn on Anzac Day, around 60 early-risers gathered at the Diggers Memorial in Foley Park for the annual Anzac Day Service.  Read more »

Glebe ‘Dirty Reds’ are Reborn

They’re back! Glebe ‘Dirty Reds’ are reborn – and calling for Glebe locals to get behind them.  Read more »

Albert Mispel, 1938-2017. ‘Glebe owes him a large debt’

Albert Mispel, who died last month aged 78, was one of the early members of the Glebe Society, and one of its earliest honorary life members. He was referred to at a recent event as an intellectual, but Albert’s own preferred description of himself was that of an activist.   Read more »

Vale Roelof Smilde, 1930-2017

Roelof Smilde, a champion bridge player, punter and activist died in hospital on 14 April 2017 after major surgery.  Read more »

Bidura Meeting 22 March 2017

The President and Convenors of the Planning and Heritage Subcommittees met with Nigel Fox, Development Director of Visionland. This was the second meeting, and we would expect a development application to be lodged within a month or two.  Read more »

In Brief

In Brief

Member Survey, Vale Albert Mispel, Nick Hespe Retires, Glebe Library’s 20th Birthday, Dogs in Glebe’s Cafés and Pubs, Bays Precinct Open House Program and Mystery Photo  Read more »

Cycleways in Glebe – Not Satisfactory: What Happens Now?

The cycleways in Glebe and Forest Lodge are not satisfactory. The ones we have are disjointed and often put cyclists onto our busiest streets, where the risk of injury is a major concern.  Read more »

Glebe’s Tram Mural

Congratulations and thank you to mural creator, Kelly Wallwork. With the mural complete – thanks to the inspiration and hard work of the Society’s Janice Challinor.  Read more »

WestConnex Revamp: Camperdown Traffic Portals Abandoned

WestConnex has announced a revamp of the proposed M4-M5 Link.  Read more »

Bidura Redevelopment

On 26 November 2016 the Land and Environment Court handed down a judgment on the Vision Land proposal for the redevelopment of the rear of the Bidura site.   Read more »

Memories of Trams in Glebe Needed

Several people have elected to share their memories of trams in Glebe and to be recorded for the Glebe Society web site. If you or someone you know have stories to tell about trams in Glebe then please contact us at  Read more »

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