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Rearviews (Glebe Memories)

Robert Darroch

It falls to few of us to be present at a significant moment in history, but that is the subject of my heritage item today. Let me tell you how it came about.  Read more »

Elizabeth Fletcher

What Elizabeth misses most is the former rose garden down in Jubilee Park near Hilda Booler Kindergarten. She also misses the experience of a full church on a Sunday morning.  Read more »

Noreen Hayes

I miss the people who have gone, but I enjoy the colourful characters of Glebe.  Read more »

Margaret Higgins

Camille Scaysbrook tells us about her great grandmother. Margaret Higgins was born in Lyndhurst on 27 November 1891 and died on 26 September 1971.  Read more »

MaryJane and Michael Hogan

The biggest changes are in the gentrification; the boarding houses and cheap flats have disappeared. The houses have increased in value enormously. Families of a higher socio-economic bracket moved in. Glebe, and especially Glebe Point, became a very desirable place to live.  Read more »

Sadie King

Aged 94, Sadie has an OAM for service to the community and to the Australian Postal Workers’ Union. Her earliest memory of Glebe is of looking for somewhere to live; it was extremely difficult in the late l940s.   Read more »

Dennis Hoolihan

The changes I notice are greater traffic and the suburb becoming revitalised, renovated. There is a good mix of people but it is not as friendly as previously. Things I welcome include more choices in dining and all the cafés, and the renovated, classy hotels. The pubs are no longer swill houses.  Read more »

Jude Paul

Jane and I moved to Glebe in the late 1970s, the outcome of a conversation on a bus with a teaching colleague from Tempe High. I was chatting with Stella about our plans to move from a semi in Leichhardt to a freestanding house in Stanmore. Stella gave me a bit of advice – ‘Glebe’s good’ she said and left it at that.  Read more »

Jan Pittard

My husband remembers days spent in his grandfather’s care as a five year old in the 1950s visiting a grand old house at Glebe Point from which his great uncle Bill ran a taxi cab depot. The house was in Forsyth St; it was approached by a gravel drive that encircled a classical fountain and off the drive were stables where his grandfather, an accountant, kept the books for Treharne’s Taxi Service.  Read more »

Anne Tinman

I was born in Wigram Rd, and have lived all my life in Glebe. What I miss most is Harold Park, and the trams which provided good transport. I also miss the picture show, and the Glebe Rowing Club which provided another social outlet.
I can remember there used to be seven butcher shops on Glebe Point Rd, and now we have one. It is important to support our local shops. Our parks have also improved and are really beautiful.
  Read more »

Carmel Vanny (née Pye)

Carmel Vanny’s paternal grandparents and two of their children (including my father) moved from Coolamon to Glebe in 1927. They moved to Boyce St in 1930 and my parents left there in 1974.  Read more »

Kay White

What I miss most is really the past and how life used to be here in Glebe. People were closer and seemed more family-oriented. And I miss my tap dancing classes as a child! The things I welcome are the new restaurants and the convenience of Glebe. It’s all here!  Read more »