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People in Glebe’s History

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  1. Comment by Pauline Graves on January 27, 2018 at 10:37 am:

    My husband’s ancestors were a family called Crispin.
    William Crispin was born in 1828 in Paris, France, to father Richard who was an English engineer.
    William became a millwright and a milling engineer. Sands Directory has him living at 15 Francis St Glebe and working as a milling engineer.
    Father Richard also came to Australia and Sands Directory has him living at George St Waterloo and employed as a milling engineer. Richard died at Glebe in 1874-75.
    William’s first wife Sarah Pippin (father a soldier) delivered nine children in Glebe, 3 males and 3 females were dead by William’s death at Glebe in 1904. The remaining children: Sarah, Emily and Harriet all married in Glebe. Sarah to Alexander Weir in 1889. Emily to William Pearson in 1887 and Harriet to Charles J Hamilton in 1883.
    After wife Sarah’s death in 1867, William remarried to Anne Jane Fleming at Oberon and had another 5 children with her. Three were still living at his death in 1904. Jane died in Glebe in 1891.
    William then remarried in 1894 to a widow Charlotte Smith. They had no issue.
    William passed away on Feb 29 1904 at 54 Derwent St Glebe (Forest Lodge) at age 76 and is buried at Rookwood Cemetery.
    I would be delighted to hear more of this family.