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Event Reports

A Very Enjoyable Springtime Afternoon at Rothwell Lodge!
Posted on 28th November 2017

A second and very successful ‘Our House’ event was held at Rothwell Lodge on 12 November 2017 on an afternoon of springtime sunshine.  Read more »

Remembrance Day 2017 Speech by Max Solling
Posted on 26th November 2017

At this years Glebe Society ceremony for Remembrance Day, historian Max Solling spoke of how in 1919 the local community grappled with the proper way to remember their lost generation.  Read more »

Remembrance Day in Glebe 2017
Posted on 28th November 2017

This year the Glebe Society ceremony for Remembrance Day was held behind the Diggers’ Memorial in the D.J. Foley Rest Park. The ceremony marked the centenary of a year that saw tragic losses by Australian troops fighting on the Western Front.  Read more »

Sunset Soirée for Centipede
Posted on 7th November 2017

There was a full house for our annual fundraiser for Centipede at Glebe Public School this year.   Read more »

President’s 2017 AGM Report
Posted on 25th August 2017

By Allan Hogan, August 20, 2017. It’s been a busy year for the Society, with many notable achievements, but we’re not sitting on our laurels, there are ongoing issues that require continuing attention.  Read more »

Glenlea: First ‘Our House’ Event Was a Sell-out Success!’
Posted on 28th July 2017

The first ‘Our House’ event was held at Glenlea, 4 Mary St Glebe on Sunday 9 July. It was a great success with 50 members enjoying the view across Blackwattle Bay on a beautiful sunshine filled Sunday afternoon in the beautifully restored Glenlea.   Read more »

Interpretative Walk in Orphan School Creek
Posted on 29th June 2017

To celebrate World Environment Day, Sophie Golding, Urban Ecology Coordinator with City of Sydney, facilitated a guided walk through Orphan School Creek, Forest Lodge on Sunday 4 June.   Read more »

‘Books, Billiards, Fruit Machines’ by Lyn Collingwood
Posted on 24th May 2017

As part of Glebe Library’s 20th anniversary celebrations, actors Lyn Collingwood, Elaine Hudson and Kim Knuckey gave a PowerPoint presentation. This is the edited script.  Read more »

Smartphone 101
Posted on 2nd December 2016

Around 35 people attended the Society’s event, ‘Smartphone 101’ at Benledi on Thursday 24 October 2016.  Read more »

Remembrance Day in Glebe 2016
Posted on 1st December 2016

On Friday 11 November, we gathered quietly in mild Spring sunshine around the Glebe Diggers Memorial  Read more »

Centipede’s Sunset Soirée Raises Much-needed Funds
Posted on 1st November 2016

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Snr Constable Renee Fortuna from Glebe Police, who described the program and progress of their youth initiatives at work in Glebe, that aim to encourage otherwise alienated youth to continue their education and aspire to bright futures.  Read more »

ANZAC Day Service 2016
Posted on 3rd May 2016

About 60 people gathered on a glorious autumn morning at the Diggers’ Memorial in Glebe, to commemorate Anzac Day 2016.  Read more »

Czech Philharmonic Children’s Choir – the Centrepiece of the 26th Annual Glebe Music Festival
Posted on 8th March 2016

How did one of Europe’s pre-eminent choirs come to perform at the Glebe Town Hall in November 2015, as part of the 26th Annual Glebe Music Festival?  Read more »

Remembrance Day 2015
Posted on 26th November 2015

About 50 people stood in soft and misty rain at the Glebe Diggers Memorial on Wednesday 11 November. Glebe Society President Ted McKeown urged us to remember: Not just ‘The War to End All Wars’, but the lesson never having been learned, those subsequent Wars as well. To remember those who lost their lives, and those whose lives were blighted by physical and psychological injury. To reflect on the endurance and stoicism of those bereft and left to carry on.  Read more »

Glebe Society’s WW1 Exhibition a Great Success
Posted on 2nd November 2015

“A lovely, humane, sensitive, considered and considerate, beautiful and moving exhibition!”  Read more »