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Speech by Max Solling at Remembrance Day Ceremony 2018
Posted on 25th November 2018

The British imperial dead numbered over a million, and sending the bodies home was logistically impossible. Brooke immortalised himself in his own poignant verse in The Soldier.  Read more »

Speech by Lyn Collingwood on Remembrance Day 2018
Posted on 25th November 2018

A reading of one of the many letters written by World War One serviceman no. 3698 James Blackwood to his aunt Agnes living in Glebe in Stewart Street.  Read more »

Hidden treasures of contemporary Glebe
Posted on 2nd November 2018

‘Our House’ on Sunday 21 Oct 2018 was a perfect opportunity to welcome four new members and to see many hidden treasures of contemporary Glebe in the Lyndhurst Estate.  Read more »

Habitat Garden Guided Walk
Posted on 2nd November 2018

As part of National Bird Week, Sophie Golding, Urban Ecology Coordinator, City of Sydney Council, organised a guided walk in the John Street Reserve Habitat Garden on Saturday morning, 27 October, led by Judy Christie.   Read more »

The Glebe Society Helps Support Centipede
Posted on 2nd November 2018

On the evening of 12 October some 70 hardy souls braved the unseasonable weather to gather in support of Centipede at Glebe Public School at the Sunset Soirée.   Read more »

On the Public Interest
Posted on 30th September 2018

Presentation by Philip Thalis to the Glebe Society AGM, 19 August 2018, Glebe Town Hall  Read more »

Bob Connolly’s address to Glebe Voices
Posted on 5th September 2018

5 September 2018, Glebe Town Hall When we first discussed this talk over a coffee a while back, your event organiser, Fiona Campbell said nice things about the opening sequence of Mrs Carey’s Concert. ‘It gave me goose bumps’, she said. ‘Could you start your talk with it?’ ‘Why not?’, I said, and here it […]  Read more »

Glebe Voices – Wild horses will come to Glebe
Posted on 31st July 2018

A strong turnout of residents demonstrated the community interest in a new law to protect wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park and the chance to hear Anne Dickson, President of the National Parks Association NSW.  Read more »

The 2018 Glebe Society AGM
Posted on 31st August 2018

The AGM was held on Sunday 19 August at the Glebe Town Hall.  Read more »

Glebe Voices – Ethical choice of food and the environment
Posted on 2nd April 2014

Åsa Wahlquist, local resident and a Walkley award winning journalist, led a Glebe Voices discussion around the dilemmas of balancing individual ethical choices of food with concern for the environment.  Read more »

Get More out of Your Smartphone 102’
Posted on 31st May 2018

Around 23 Glebe Society members came to Benledi House on the evening of Tuesday 29 May for the Society’s event, ‘Get more out of your smartphone 102’.  Read more »

Report on ‘Our House’ Event, 27 May 2018
Posted on 31st May 2018

No 19 Avenue Rd – the home of Lesley, Susan and Ali (the kelpie) – is not one of Glebe’s grand manor houses, but has an interesting history nonetheless. Perhaps more importantly, it was a lovely place for 40 Glebe Society members to get together for a Sunday afternoon over drinks and a sumptuous afternoon tea.  Read more »

Glebe Voices kicks off for 2018
Posted on 1st April 2018

Lisa Pryor writes for the New York Times on ‘urbanism, politics, culture and medicine’. As well as other life experiences, she can draw opinions from her experiences over different careers and areas of study.  Read more »

Glebe Voices – Artificial intelligence: Should you be scared?
Posted on 1st August 2017

Andrew Botros gave us an introduction to signals, neurons and aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). Among many points, he touched on the future of work, the transience of careers and the control of many areas of endeavour by a few very rich individuals or companies.  Read more »

Anzac Day Glebe 2018
Posted on 4th May 2018

The Anzac Day service was held at Foley Park at 7.30am on Wednesday 25 April. The service was led by Rev Mark Wormell, Rector of St John’s, Glebe. Max Solling addressed the gathering.  Read more »