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Premier’s Bays Precinct Development

Premier’s Bays Precinct Development
Posted on 21st July 2014

The Premier’s announced bays precinct development will be an enormous opportunity IF it is based on sustainable development principles and community engagement. We are determined we will not permit another Barangaroo –  with little consideration of community wishes,  secret decision making and a development outcome which blatantly favoured private interests over that of the community. […]  Read more »

Glebe Youth Service with volunteers organising food relief.

Glebe Youth Service Update
Posted on 9th July 2020

The team at Glebe Youth Service (GYS) continue to provide a high level of a support, averaging around 120 boxes of fruit and vegetables per week to around 125 households each week. The food relief program fulfils the dual aims of ensuring food security and providing social connection. When GYS staff and volunteers deliver food, […]  Read more »

Detail from a map of the City of Sydney by Woolcott & Clarke, 1854.

Blackwattle Bay and its creeks
Posted on 9th July 2020

Since Blackwattle Bay is currently threatened with overdevelopment this may be the right moment to look back at a little of its history and that of the creeks that drained into it. A little exploration inland from Sydney Cove when Philip and the ‘First Fleet’ arrived would have brought them to a freshwater creek running […]  Read more »

The proposed Blackwattle Bay Circular Walk. The blue line represents the proposed walk and the red line shows what is currently possible. (Image supplied by Janet Wahlquist)

A Blackwattle Bay Circular Walk
Posted on 9th July 2020

  There have been calls for many years for a Foreshore Walk around Blackwattle Bay. A circular walk around the whole bay for pedestrians and cyclists would be an attractive and much needed active transport route. We have seen recently the desire of the community to walk, run and cycle and the more attractive that […]  Read more »

Some of the failures of the proposed development of the existing Fish Market site are identified on the website of the local state member, Jamie Parker

State government putting profit ahead of the public interest and common sense
Posted on 9th July 2020

Message from Glebe Society President, Janet Wahlquist, on 13 June 2020 I am writing to you about the future of Blackwattle Bay and the NSW Government’s plans to ‘revitalise’ it.   The Glebe Society objects to the plan on the following grounds: The proposed 45 storey buildings would tower over the Bay, casting long shadows […]  Read more »

Centipede – can you help?
Posted on 30th June 2020

30 June 2020 Like many organisations, Glebe Public School’s out of school hours care program, Centipede, is facing a cash crisis as a result of COVID-19. A further blow to their bottom line will result from the cancellation (for safety reasons) of the Friends of Centipede annual Soiree, normally held in November. Please read this […]  Read more »

Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenario 1 (photo: Infrastructure NSW)

Planning scenarios for Blackwattle Bay: revitalisation or overdevelopment?
Posted on 7th June 2020

Two very significant steps in the redevelopment of the Blackwattle Bay foreshores have been made public in the last two weeks. Firstly, Infrastructure NSW released a glossy brochure, ‘Revitalising Blackwattle Bay’, setting out its ‘Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenarios’, as the basis for an intensive period of community ‘engagement’ on the redevelopment of the Pyrmont […]  Read more »

Johnstons Creek, May (photo: Phil Vergison)

Progress on the Johnstons Creek Naturalisation Project
Posted on 8th June 2020

  Read more »

Fox sighting in Glebe

Another fox sighting in Glebe
Posted on 8th June 2020

There are occasional reports of foxes being sighted in Sydney, including Glebe. I recently sighted a fox literally in our back yard in Allen St, Glebe. It was 7am two weeks ago (May 2020) when I opened the back door and noticed an animal running from the backyard down our narrow lane. It was light […]  Read more »

Digital image of the Rozelle interchange

Report of community action on WestConnex
Posted on 7th June 2020

Since 2015, members of the local community and the Glebe Society have been actively involved in fighting WestConnex construction issues that affect our community. It is always very difficult to have wins with State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) sites. The WestConnex plan has moved from its original plan of tunnelling under Glebe/Forest Lodge (University of Sydney […]  Read more »

Glebe Island Bridge – Demolition by Neglect
Posted on 4th June 2020

The old Glebe Island Bridge sits at the entrance to Blackwattle Bay, permanently open and looking neglected, with grass growing through the cracks, peeling paint and rotting wood – ignored in the Blackwattle Bay Revitalisation Plan. The Glebe Island Bridge was built in 1903 and is regarded as a twin to Pyrmont Bridge which has […]  Read more »

A helpful biodiversity-themed graphic for social distancing (photo: Port Phillip Ecocentre).

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee: Special Johnstons Creek edition (May 2020)
Posted on 18th May 2020

Something to do as you exercise in Glebe during the COVID-19 times of home-stay by Judy Christie I thought I’d pass on a Birdlife Australia webpage with some Birding at Home ideas. I have started doing a regular exercise activity/bird survey based on the Birdlife Australia preferred protocol of recording bird species and numbers for […]  Read more »

Zoom meeting between Glebe Society, Lord Mayor and Council staff (image: Janet Wahlquist)

Lord Mayor responds to GTH Community Centre proposal
Posted on 18th May 2020

On Tuesday 28 April 2020 Lord Mayor Cr Clover Moore convened a Zoom meeting to discuss our proposal for a staffed Community Centre at Glebe Town Hall (GTH). Glebe Society President Janet Wahlquist and I also attended, as did City of Sydney (CoS) staff members Mariana Ivantsoff (Policy Officer) Kirsten Woodward (Manager, Social Programs and […]  Read more »

Automated Pedestrian Buttons

Active Transport during COVID-19
Posted on 26th May 2020

The advent of the Covid 19 Crisis has seen a marked increase in active transport. By this I mean walking and cycling. This has seen Inner West Mayors telling residents to avoid walking and cycling in places such as the Bay Run in Leichhardt/Drummoyne. It has seen crowded scenes on our own Foreshore Walk. It […]  Read more »

Ernest Pedersen Reserve today (image: Lyn Collingwood)

Update on new plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve
Posted on 26th May 2020

The City exhibited its revised plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve in Ferry Road, which incorporated elements from the original design as the front garden of the adjacent house, Rothwell Lodge.  The community feedback to the City was enthusiastic as the overall design was much improved on last year’s proposals. There was, however, concern about the […]  Read more »

The Glebe Foreshore walk is busier than usual during the COVID-19 restrictions

More and better walkways are needed in Glebe
Posted on 17th May 2020

There has been an increase in the number of people walking, running and cycling since the COVID-19 restrictions which allow exercise as one of the reasons to leave home. Exercise has been acknowledged as important for our physical and mental health. On many of the popular walks this has created real issues not just because […]  Read more »