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Community Development

Housing Diversity State Environmental Planning Policy
Posted on 17th October 2020

Will the State Government’s proposed Housing Diversity Planning Policy help redress the current desperate shortage of social and affordable housing in Glebe and across the state?  Read more »

Community Development Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020
Posted on 17th October 2020

This past year the Community sub-group has continued to undertake actions and projects aimed at strengthening links with the wider Glebe community wherever possible. This continues to be one of the guiding principles behind our activities. This report will essentially outline those activities according to the type of activity and the community partner(s) with which we have engaged.  Read more »

Glebe Point Rd Retail: COVID-19 Impact
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Brian Fuller, Heritage Subcommittee Convenor, 1 August 2020 In September last year the Heritage Subcommittee undertook an audit of Glebe Point Rd retail shops in order to track the retail impact on the many heritage buildings in the stretch between Broadway and Bridge Rd. At that time there were 19 vacancies. The Society prepared […]  Read more »

Children learn through experiences. Can we help provide some variety in Glebe?
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Janice Challinor, Community Development Subcommittee Convenor The richness of a child’s environment is one of the factors which determines how he or she learns and develops. Physical challenges, exposure to cultural expressions such as music, art and literature, and gradual increases in personal responsibilities and opportunities to overcome difficulties are all experiences which help […]  Read more »

Community Development Subcommittee members needed
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Janice Challinor, Convenor Community Development Subcommittee Okay, you won’t get to feed a baby elephant, BUT you will get to make Glebe a better community! The Community Development Subcommittee is looking for new members. If you’re interested in finding out more about what would be involved,  Read more »

Glebe Youth Service with volunteers organising food relief.

Glebe Youth Service Update
Posted on 9th July 2020

The team at Glebe Youth Service (GYS) continue to provide a high level of a support, averaging around 120 boxes of fruit and vegetables per week to around 125 households each week. The food relief program fulfils the dual aims of ensuring food security and providing social connection. When GYS staff and volunteers deliver food, […]  Read more »

Centipede – can you help?
Posted on 30th June 2020

30 June 2020 Like many organisations, Glebe Public School’s out of school hours care program, Centipede, is facing a cash crisis as a result of COVID-19. A further blow to their bottom line will result from the cancellation (for safety reasons) of the Friends of Centipede annual Soiree, normally held in November. Please read this […]  Read more »

Zoom meeting between Glebe Society, Lord Mayor and Council staff (image: Janet Wahlquist)

Lord Mayor responds to GTH Community Centre proposal
Posted on 18th May 2020

On Tuesday 28 April 2020 Lord Mayor Cr Clover Moore convened a Zoom meeting to discuss our proposal for a staffed Community Centre at Glebe Town Hall (GTH). Glebe Society President Janet Wahlquist and I also attended, as did City of Sydney (CoS) staff members Mariana Ivantsoff (Policy Officer) Kirsten Woodward (Manager, Social Programs and […]  Read more »

Kate Brennan Glebe TreeHouse

Farewell to Kate Brennan (Glebe TreeHouse)
Posted on 8th April 2020

Kate Brennan is planning to move on from her role as Coordinator Glebe TreeHouse, based at Glebe Public School. Those of you who know Kate or have worked with her will be only too well aware of how much she contributed to the Glebe community over many years. The Society sent Kate a letter of […]  Read more »

Glebe Town Hall

City of Sydney Council to consider uses of Glebe Town Hall
Posted on 8th April 2020

Following our submission to the Council of the City of Sydney concerning the concept of transforming Glebe Town Hall into a fully funded and fully staffed community centre some developments have taken place. Cr Jess Scully, following approaches from the Glebe Society President and the Community Subcommittee Convenor, as well as other interested community groups, […]  Read more »

Kitchen Pack Project Passes the Half Century
Posted on 27th February 2020

We delivered our 50th pack of kitchen essentials in January; this week the total is likely to reach 55 – all in just over two years. This is a wonderful achievement for a project that began with a target of providing packs for just 11 new households per year. Thank you to all who have […]  Read more »

Glebe Town Hall

Glebe Town Hall – A Great Venue for a Glebe Community Centre!
Posted on 27th February 2020

One of the most obvious omissions in the suburb of Glebe is a dedicated, fully staffed, full-time community centre. In a 2019 survey of older Glebe residents over 90% of responders identified that as an impediment to the availability of local activities for groups of all ages. The Community Development Subcommittee of the Glebe Society […]  Read more »


The Glebe Society Christmas Appeal
Posted on 2nd December 2019

Each year members of the Glebe Society provide gifts for residents of Glebe supported accommodation. This year we hope to provide gifts for 43 girls aged 6 months to 17 years, and 32 boys aged 1 year to 14 years. There are also 28 women and 20 men associated with these children. Please do not […]  Read more »

Kitchen Starter Pack

New Venue for the Kitchen Pack Project
Posted on 31st October 2019

The Kitchen Starter Pack project has moved to the kitchen at the rear of the St Helen’s Community Centre. This venue, with commercial dishwasher, multiple sinks and lots of workspace, will allow us to make the project a cooperative venture. We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 9.30am to […]  Read more »

Youth Action NSW Youth Work Awards

Youth Action NSW Youth Work Awards
Posted on 31st October 2019

Glebe Youth Service (GYS) is delighted to announce that our very own Eloise Woods and Jeff Hockey recently won awards at the Youth Action NSW Youth Work Awards. Jeff Hockey very deservedly won a Lifetime Achievement Award and Eloise Woods took out the NSW Emerging Youth Worker of Year Award. Jeff Hockey has devoted his life […]  Read more »