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Community Development

Kitchen Starter Pack Update (April 2018)
Posted on 3rd April 2018

Glebe Society members’ response to this project has been wonderful – so many items delivered to the first drop-off session at St Helen’s and by pick-ups as well as cash donations. Thank you all.  Read more »

Our Community’s Generous Response to Christmas Gift Appeal
Posted on 12th March 2018

Our 2017 appeal to members for Christmas gifts for families resident in Glebe received overwhelming support this year.  Read more »

Kitchen Starter Packs – A New Glebe Society Project
Posted on 12th March 2018

This exciting new project will provide essential cooking and eating equipment for those who move from Glebe’s supported accommodation facilities into independent accommodation. Initially the project focuses on families who move from Elsie Women’s Refuge.  Read more »

Vale Nick
Posted on 12th March 2018

Nicholas Gerard John Hespe
17th June 1950 – 21 December 2017
  Read more »

Christmas Gifts for Glebe’s Temporary Residents
Posted on 7th November 2017

There are families and individuals who reside temporarily in Glebe while overcoming difficulties life has thrown into their paths. This year the community committee of TGSI would like to be able to take gifts for residents to Elsie Women’s refuge and to one or two other residential facilities.  Read more »

Sunset Soirée for Centipede
Posted on 7th November 2017

There was a full house for our annual fundraiser for Centipede at Glebe Public School this year.   Read more »

Community Development Subcommittee Annual Report 2016-17

Community Development Subcommittee Annual Report 2016-17
Posted on 7th September 2017

Appeal from a carer/mother of an intellectually disabled young Glebe adult came to our attention; Christmas gifts for families at the Elsie refuge again last year; ‘Shaping the Future of Glebe’ Forum; Glebe Tram Mural; and Glebe Exchange Platform.  Read more »

An Exchange Platform for Glebe?
Posted on 26th July 2017

It is Janice Challinor’s belief that many people would willingly donate useful goods to others who could use them if a relatively easy way of doing so could be found. To this end, she’s been investigating how it might be done.  Read more »

Aunty Kathy Dodd Farrawell, NSW Local Woman of the Year
Posted on 1st April 2017

Glebe local, Aunty Kathy Dodd Farrawell, was announced as NSW Local Woman of the Year for the Balmain Electorate on International Women’s Day in March.   Read more »

Christmas Gifts for Elsie Residents

Christmas Gifts for Elsie Residents
Posted on 2nd December 2016

The Glebe Society would like to support Elsie Women’s Refuge and welcome these strangers to Glebe. We are again doing so by co-ordinating Christmas gifts for resident families.   Read more »

Memories of Trams in Glebe Needed
Posted on 2nd December 2016

Several people have elected to share their memories of trams in Glebe and to be recorded for the Glebe Society web site. If you or someone you know have stories to tell about trams in Glebe then please contact us at  Read more »

Centipede’s Sunset Soirée Raises Much-needed Funds
Posted on 1st November 2016

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Snr Constable Renee Fortuna from Glebe Police, who described the program and progress of their youth initiatives at work in Glebe, that aim to encourage otherwise alienated youth to continue their education and aspire to bright futures.  Read more »

Community Development Subcommittee Annual Report 2015-2016
Posted on 7th September 2016

Over the course of this Glebe Society year there have been several significant impacts upon the Glebe community.   Read more »

School Playground Fundraising Drive
Posted on 5th July 2016

The Society has received a letter from Anna Playford, President of the Glebe Public School P&C asking for assistance with replacing playground equipment.  Read more »

The Maccas Fracas
Posted on 5th July 2016

Concerned locals handed out flyers identifying the multitude of coffee shops and restaurants which already provided good service and could potentially be disadvantaged by the increased competition a multi-national might provide. That night, some intemperate and cowardly person chose to express his/her opposition to the temporary development by hurling a brick through its window.  Read more »