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From Greening Glebe to Sustainability

The Glebe Society has had a strong commitment to environmental issues since its foundation, but the emphasis has changed over the years, in line with changing concerns in society generally. In the early years the focus was on ‘greening Glebe’ with encouragement of both public parks and private gardens. More recently, issues of sustainability and […]  Read more »

Posts about Environment

Inquiry into the Problem of Feral and Domestic Cats in Australia
Posted on 31st August 2020

by Andrew Wood, Blue Wren Subcommittee Convenor, 31 August 2020 Click here for the full submission. Helen Randerson and Judy Christie, members of the Subcommittee, prepared the Society’s submission to Federal Government’s Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy inquiry into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia. Whilst it has been estimated […]  Read more »

Detail from a map of the City of Sydney by Woolcott & Clarke, 1854.

Blackwattle Bay and its creeks
Posted on 9th July 2020

Since Blackwattle Bay is currently threatened with overdevelopment this may be the right moment to look back at a little of its history and that of the creeks that drained into it. A little exploration inland from Sydney Cove when Philip and the ‘First Fleet’ arrived would have brought them to a freshwater creek running […]  Read more »

Johnstons Creek, May (photo: Phil Vergison)

Progress on the Johnstons Creek Naturalisation Project
Posted on 8th June 2020

  Read more »

Fox sighting in Glebe

Another fox sighting in Glebe
Posted on 8th June 2020

There are occasional reports of foxes being sighted in Sydney, including Glebe. I recently sighted a fox literally in our back yard in Allen St, Glebe. It was 7am two weeks ago (May 2020) when I opened the back door and noticed an animal running from the backyard down our narrow lane. It was light […]  Read more »

Ernest Pedersen Reserve today (image: Lyn Collingwood)

Update on new plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve
Posted on 26th May 2020

The City exhibited its revised plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve in Ferry Road, which incorporated elements from the original design as the front garden of the adjacent house, Rothwell Lodge.  The community feedback to the City was enthusiastic as the overall design was much improved on last year’s proposals. There was, however, concern about the […]  Read more »

Ernest Pedersen Reserve in Ferry Rd

Ernest Pedersen Reserve in Ferry Rd
Posted on 16th December 2019

The working group (Ferry Road Bushcare Group – Jenna Reed Burns and Iain Gibson; Glebe Society – Andrew Wood; City of Sydney – Chris Thomas [Manager Design] and Helen Rogers [Design Manager]) met in Town Hall House on Thursday 21 November to consider the City’s revised plans for the Reserve. The new plans have fully […]  Read more »

Proposal to Make Harold Park Off-leash for Dogs
Posted on 1st April 2019

The City of Sydney invites feedback on a proposal to make the grass lawn of Harold Park ‘off-leash’.   Read more »

Update on the Glebe Fox(es)
Posted on 3rd December 2018

In response to the Society’s letter to City of Sydney about the problem of foxes in Glebe, we received a response dated 18 October, from David Riordan, Director of City Services and an expression of concern on behalf of Councillor Kerryn Phelps.  Read more »

Do You Have a Den of Foxes Living under Your House?
Posted on 30th September 2018

Foxes have not only been sighted in Glebe, they are suspected of killing two loved, and well-known, pet hens.  Read more »

Fox Sightings in Glebe
Posted on 31st August 2018

A fox has been sighted in Glebe at least twice in the last few weeks. The Facebook post received many comments confirming the sighting, but a letter from John and Jenny Sergeant drew our attention to the serious consequences of feral animals in Glebe.  Read more »

Environment Subcommittee Annual Report 2017-2018
Posted on 6th August 2018

The Glebe Society joined the War on Waste, and focussed on reducing the use of disposable coffee cups in Glebe.
The environment subcommittee was particularly concerned about the proposal for Blackwattle Bay Marina, trading as All Occasion Cruises, to move to 5 Bank St Pyrmont.  Read more »

Where to ‘Redcycle’ Your Soft Plastics
Posted on 5th July 2018

If you’re not already doing it, you can recycle soft plastics by taking them to Coles at Broadway and putting them in the ‘Redcycle’ bin.  Read more »

Get your Glebe Society ‘Keep Cup’
Posted on 3rd April 2018

The Society is doing its bit by making available Glebe Society-branded Keep Cups for the bargain price of $5. The cups are good quality and come in a mix of colours, sizes and material.  Read more »

William Carlton Gardens – A Secret Garden in the Heart of Glebe
Posted on 3rd April 2018

A Glebe Society member wanted to share with members what she and other locals have also been doing to protect and improve the vegetation and habitat in the William Carlton Gardens  Read more »

Gardening Australia Films in Glebe
Posted on 4th March 2018

Costa Georgiadis, host of ABC TV program ‘Gardening Australia’, and a film crew visited Glebe on 19 October. St Helen’s Community Garden and the kerb garden of Jock Keene in Toxteth Rd were the subjects.  Read more »