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The Johnstons Creek Parklands – Disappearing Projects?
Posted on 29th March 2016

The Johnstons Creek Parkland Master Plan, includes:
– the Hill (currently inaccessible).
– the canal naturalisation.
– the large freshwater wetland – ‘a highly visible expression of the parklands’ signature character’.
– various upgrades to existing parks, including a fountain, a kayak and canoe launching pontoon and a new bridge close to the Bay.
A lovely vision for this critical area, which we need to ensure becomes reality.  Read more »

Valuing our Local Suppliers
Posted on 29th August 2015

Food security is a major environmental issue on a global scale. Food waste is a big part of that problem with waste occurring at all stages of production, distribution and consumption. The Bulletin interviewed well-known local fruit and vegetable supplier, Joe Galluzzo, on his experience of the effects of the supermarket chains on the trade.  Read more »

Environment Subcommittee Annual Report 2014-15

Environment Subcommittee Annual Report 2014-15
Posted on 14th August 2015

In 2014-15 the Environment Subcommittee participated in the city-wide ‘Garage Sale Trail’ and took part in consultation and feedback processes on two of the City’s major sustainability policies.  Read more »

Energy Efficiency Master Plan

Energy Efficiency Master Plan
Posted on 8th May 2015

The draft Energy Efficiency Master Plan for the City of Sydney is open for comment until 4 May. The Master Plan is a good news story as it provides strategies that will achieve significant greenhouse gas reductions while saving money for business and residents.  Read more »

Flowerpots for Diversity
Posted on 28th March 2015

Enter the flower pot: the latest in habitat creation.  Read more »

International Focus on Glebe
Posted on 14th March 2015

Glebe’s charms are about to be given an international focus through two separate projects, one interested in Glebe Walks, and the other in St Helen’s Community Garden.  Read more »

Taking Part in the Garage Sale Trail
Posted on 8th December 2014

We called our garage sale ‘Glebe Grunge and Glory’ and were able to use the Glebe Justice Centre building on St Johns Rd as the venue. Held on Saturday 25 October, a dazzling range of pre-loved goods was offered for sale or donation.   Read more »

Varied Habitat along Foreshore Walk
Posted on 4th November 2014

The City of Sydney has included in the landscaping design a number of features to provide improved habitat for both plant and animal life. As well as planting hundreds of shrubs and native grasses to provide habitat for small birds and animals, the edge of the foreshore has been improved to create saltwater mangroves and endangered coastal salt marsh habitats.  Read more »

Advanced Waste Treatment – Community Consultation

Advanced Waste Treatment – Community Consultation
Posted on 29th August 2014

The City of Sydney has released its draft Advanced Waste Treatment Master Plan. The City’s resident consultation process was through in-depth workshops held over three weeks.  Read more »

St Helen’s Community Garden Completed
Posted on 29th August 2014

The garden attracts constant interest from local residents and visitors, with people wandering through the garden to keep track of the veggie plantings, or to sit on the convenient ledges for a rest or a chat.  Read more »

Upgrade to Foley Park – Finished at Last!
Posted on 7th July 2014

The final stage of the Foley Park upgrade has now been completed.  Read more »

What Should We Do about the Large Numbers of Indian Mynas in Glebe?
Posted on 2nd June 2014

Bird in Backyards states: “The Indian or Common Myna was introduced from south-east Asia into the cane fields of north-eastern Queensland in 1883, to combat insect pests, particularly plague locusts and cane beetles. Other releases occurred, and by the 1940s and 1950s it was established in many eastern metropolitan areas.”  Read more »

Using LED Lighting – a Bright Idea
Posted on 2nd June 2014

David Winterton gave a well attended presentation on ‘Understanding LEDs’ at Benledi on Thursday evening, 8 May, organised by the Society’s Environment Subcommittee. David is convenor of the Sydney branch of the Alternative Technology Association, the oldest organisation promoting sustainable technology in Australia, and director of Ecological Design, a sustainability consultancy business.  Read more »

Environment Sub-Committee Terms of Reference 2012-13

Environment Sub-Committee Terms of Reference 2012-13
Posted on 11th May 2014

Click here to view the Environment Sub-Committee Terms of Reference 2012-13.  Read more »

Our Green Footpaths
Posted on 27th March 2014

The footpaths of Glebe have become much less bare thanks to Council’s tree planting and verge gardens. However, the contribution of residents is still very important in the ‘greening of Glebe’. What’s more, the gardening efforts of individuals are naturally more varied, and sometimes more quirky, than the mainly uniform look produced by Council contractors […]  Read more »