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Glebe’s Blue Wrens

Glebe’s Blue Wrens

Glebe’s Blue Wrens

The Glebe Society received grant funding from the City of Sydney for a project aimed at community education and habitat conservation for Superb Fairy-wrens (known as Blue Wrens) in the Glebe/Forest Lodge area. A sub-committee of the Glebe Society was established to manage the project.  Read more »

Posts about Glebe’s Blue Wrens

Screenshot of Birdlife Australia's webpage for the Spring Bird Count 2020

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee – October 2020
Posted on 16th October 2020

Get involved with the Spring Bird Survey on Sunday 1 November 2020; and hear what’s been happening in local habitat creation.  Read more »

Blue Wren Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020
Posted on 17th October 2020

The Subcommittee has 13 members and met in person on four occasions during the year. The volunteers of our bushcare/landcare groups in Glebe continued to work to value, retain and enhance biodiversity in Glebe and Forest Lodge, and its bays and foreshores, for current and future generations. Not surprisingly COVID-19 impacted on our activities in the second half of the year. We did not hold our regular meetings, our autumn party (to which all our bushcare volunteers are invited) and the award of the Craney Biodiversity Grants to our local preschools and schools were cancelled, and the annual biodiversity lecture was postponed. Further, no planting days were organised by our buschcare volunteers from mid-March until July, when they recommenced in Orphan School Creek Park under the COVID-safe rules set-up by the City.  Read more »

Inquiry into the Problem of Feral and Domestic Cats in Australia
Posted on 31st August 2020

Studies have shown that each roaming pet cat is responsible for killing 186 reptiles, birds and mammals per year. Read the Society’s submission to the Federal Government’s Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy inquiry into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia.   Read more »

2020 Spring Bird Survey

2020 Spring Bird Survey
Posted on 3rd September 2020

The Society’s annual spring bird survey will be held on Sunday 1 November – all members and their friends are welcome to attend, and please meet in Paddy Gray Reserve in Hereford St at 6:45 am  Read more »

What’s in a Name? Women’s names ‒ Sarah Peninton Reserve
Posted on 3rd September 2020

By Helen Randerson Women are remembered in the names of a number of our valued small parks and playgrounds in Glebe/Forest Lodge. In 2020 these include the Alice Lee Reserve, the Jean Cawley Reserve, Kirsova Playground No 3, the May Pitt Playground, the Robyn Kemmis Reserve and the Sarah Peninton Reserve. (St Helen is also […]  Read more »

News from Blue Wren Subcommittee
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Andrew Wood, Convenor Blue Wren Subcommittee The Subcommittee held a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday 14 July, our first since February 2020. Under COVID-19 rules provided by the City, our volunteer bushcare groups are now able to resume work in Glebe’s parks. A working bee to remove weeds from Orphan School Creek Park was attended […]  Read more »

A helpful biodiversity-themed graphic for social distancing (photo: Port Phillip Ecocentre).

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee: Special Johnstons Creek edition (May 2020)
Posted on 18th May 2020

Something to do as you exercise in Glebe during the COVID-19 times of home-stay by Judy Christie I thought I’d pass on a Birdlife Australia webpage with some Birding at Home ideas. I have started doing a regular exercise activity/bird survey based on the Birdlife Australia preferred protocol of recording bird species and numbers for […]  Read more »

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (April 2020)

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (April 2020)
Posted on 7th April 2020

Margaret Sheppard Margaret Sheppard, a retired librarian and long-time member of the Society and our Subcommittee, died on 10 March surrounded by her family. A wake to celebrate Margaret’s life and to say thankyou to the community for being so kind to her over the years was held at Rothwell Lodge in Ferry Rd, the […]  Read more »

City of Sydney’s revised plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (February 2020)
Posted on 27th February 2020

The City of Sydney’s Working Group has drawn up revised plans for Ernest Pedersen Reserve which incorporate the design of the original front garden of the adjacent Rothwell House. The Group was chaired by Chris Thomas, Manager Design, City of Sydney and the other members were Helen Rogers, Design Manager, City of Sydney, local Ferry […]  Read more »

Diana Lauzi and Kim Hague-Smith with two Red Wattlebird nestlings found in St Johns Rd Glebe

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (December 2019)
Posted on 16th December 2019

Glebe’s 7th spring bird survey – report from Judy Christie This year’s annual bird survey took place on Sunday 20 October in cool, sunny conditions with 17 people meeting in Paddy Gray Reserve at 6.45 am to sign on and be allocated sites. A total of 9 teams set out to survey sites across Glebe […]  Read more »

Brown Thornbill

Very Good News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (November 2019)
Posted on 15th November 2019

What was that small brown bird in John Street Reserve? Anne Britt from St James Ave recently saw a small brown bird in the habitat garden in John Street Reserve. From Anne’s description, Sophie Golding, Urban Ecology Coordinator, City of Sydney, decided it could have been a small insect eating bird, a Brown Thornbill (Acanthiza […]  Read more »

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (May 2019)
Posted on 3rd May 2019

Importantly, the Glebe Palmerston and Surrounds Landcare Group has reported that the City has set up some personal accident insurance to cover all volunteers, up to the age of 75, working in Glebe’s parks.  Read more »

News from the Blue Wren Subcommittee (March 2019)
Posted on 14th March 2019

The City will soon be installing hives for native stingless bees in Orphan School Creek and Palmerston Ave parks.  Read more »

News from Blue Wren Subcommittee (November 2018)
Posted on 3rd December 2018

Sixth annual spring bird survey Thirty different bird species were recorded in this year’s survey, led by Judy Christie, commencing at 7am on Sunday 28 October, which equals the highest number of species recorded. The overall number of 459 birds seen was also a great achievement. Having more surveyors enabled us to cover more areas […]  Read more »

Habitat Garden Guided Walk
Posted on 2nd November 2018

As part of National Bird Week, Sophie Golding, Urban Ecology Coordinator, City of Sydney Council, organised a guided walk in the John Street Reserve Habitat Garden on Saturday morning, 27 October, led by Judy Christie.   Read more »