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Heritage Issues

What Is Heritage?

‘Heritage’ is the tangible evidence of our history, the things we want to keep, not only for our own enjoyment and education but also for future generations.  Read more »

Posts about Heritage Issues

Heritage Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020
Posted on 17th October 2020

I wish to express my appreciation to all subcommittee members for their passion, dedication and collaboration as a team. Some of our work is highlighted below.  Read more »

A Wolf at the Door
Posted on 3rd September 2020

Readers of the Society’s Bulletin will be aware of the proposal to excise 2A-D Wentworth Park Rd and 17-31 Cowper St, Glebe from the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area in order to change the existing height limit of 9 metres to 36 metres. This is to allow the demolition of a two-storey flat building and four 1980s terrace houses and their replacement by two eight-storey apartment buildings.
  Read more »

Festering Heritage Sores
Posted on 3rd September 2020

No matter how hard we try, there are some heritage issues that seem to take forever to resolve. Here is a selection.  Read more »

What’s in a Name? Women’s names ‒ Sarah Peninton Reserve
Posted on 3rd September 2020

By Helen Randerson Women are remembered in the names of a number of our valued small parks and playgrounds in Glebe/Forest Lodge. In 2020 these include the Alice Lee Reserve, the Jean Cawley Reserve, Kirsova Playground No 3, the May Pitt Playground, the Robyn Kemmis Reserve and the Sarah Peninton Reserve. (St Helen is also […]  Read more »

Carriers of Glebe and Forest Lodge – Meloys
Posted on 3rd September 2020

The first in an occasional series about the families behind the carriers of Glebe and Forest Lodge  Read more »

The end of an era: last YHA hostel leaves 2037
Posted on 1st September 2020

The Glebe Point YHA on Glebe Point Rd closed on 5 July 2020, ending the YHA’s 45-year involvement in Glebe  Read more »

Yelvertoft DA Refused
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Brian Fuller, Heritage Subcommittee Convenor, 1 August 2020. The City of Sydney has refused the Development Application for the construction of a two-storey contemporary residence to the rear of the Heritage listed Yelvertoft. The new dwelling was to front Alfred St, and would have significantly diminished the curtilage of this heritage cottage. A copy […]  Read more »

Last month’s mystery photo

Last month’s mystery photo
Posted on 1st September 2020

with Lyn Collingwood, 1 August 2020 It was a corker, and no surprise that no one identified it! Compared to the cluttered place it was c.1919, the spot is a blank facade today. It’s 98 Bridge Rd near Lyndhurst St. In front of the shop is one of the three sons of the widowed confectioner […]  Read more »

Sisters in Crime
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Rodney Hammett, 1 August 2020 Neighbours Sarah Peninton and Doris Flanagan living respectively at No 13 and No 11 Bridge Rd were partners in crime when hauled before the Magistrate at the Glebe Court on Tuesday 3 September 1929.1 On an afternoon in August, both women were accused of having used insulting words, from […]  Read more »

A Tram is a Tram is a Tram …?
Posted on 1st April 2019

After a life of no more than 18 years, the last of the Variotrams, No. 2107 has gone into retirement at the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus.  Read more »

From the Heritage Subcommittee (March 2019)

From the Heritage Subcommittee (March 2019)
Posted on 14th March 2019

Heritage Audit commenced and Toxteth Hotel well  Read more »

Speech by Max Solling at Remembrance Day Ceremony 2018
Posted on 25th November 2018

The British imperial dead numbered over a million, and sending the bodies home was logistically impossible. Brooke immortalised himself in his own poignant verse in The Soldier.  Read more »

History Enquiries from the Website
Posted on 2nd November 2018

Enquiries on Glebe’s history and heritage continue to be received from members of the general public via the Society’s website.  Read more »

Heritage Subcommittee Annual Report 2017-2018
Posted on 6th August 2018

One matter that has been under consideration for the whole year is the proposed redevelopment of the former Remand Centre behind Bidura. Another development that has attracted a considerable amount of community concern is the proposal to establish a restaurant and café in Bellevue, previously occupied as the Blackwattle Café.  Read more »

Older Homes in Glebe – Tell Us What Help You’d Like
Posted on 4th May 2018

If you own an older house, you may have found that carrying out maintenance, repairs or restoration – or all three – isn’t always straightforward.  Read more »