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Planning Overview

Planning Overview

In the 1960s, Glebe was viewed as a slum, ripe for demolition. Today it is a sought after residential suburb. The story of this transformation is not only a story of changing tastes and lifestyles, but also the story of a determined group of residents who saw the potential beauty and amenity of their suburb and fought to preserve it from the bulldozers.  Read more »

Posts about Planning

Glebe plan shows lack of respect – Letter in Sydney Morning Herald
Posted on 1st January 2021

The Glebe Society’s letter, published on Jan 1st, 2021, about plans to trash the 50-year legacy of good public policy and town planning in Glebe  Read more »

The Franklyn St Redevelopment Proposal
Posted on 1st January 2021

In November the NSW Government released the Franklyn St, Glebe, redevelopment proposal. The Society has a list of objections.  Read more »

Glebe Island Bridge – Give It Back public meeting a great success
Posted on 1st January 2021

The Glebe Society has for many years called for the restoration and repair of the now-disused Glebe Island Bridge for use as a pedestrian walkway and cycleway. The Society organised a meeting at the Pyrmont end of the Bridge on Thursday 3 December, the 25th anniversary of the decommissioning of the Bridge and its replacement by the Anzac Bridge.  Read more »

Plans to shrink the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area will undermine heritage values, liveability and amenity
Posted on 29th December 2020

The Society has lodged an objection the NSW Government s plans to remove the parts of the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area, paving the way for building heights up to the equivalent of eight storeys. T  Read more »

The Glebe Society opposes changes to the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area
Posted on 4th November 2020

The Glebe Society has expressed strong opposition to Sydney City Council’s Plans to adjust the boundaries of the the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area to exclude 2A-2D Wentworth Park Road and 17-31 Cowper Street to enable their demolition and replacement by 8-storey apartment buildings. Plus, why the 1980s infill developments in Glebe worked so well.
  Read more »

Saving a Sydney suburb
Posted on 21st October 2020

Current residents are perhaps not aware of how close Glebe came to virtual annihilation by the NSW Department of Main Roads in the 1970s.   Read more »

Housing Diversity State Environmental Planning Policy
Posted on 17th October 2020

Will the State Government’s proposed Housing Diversity Planning Policy help redress the current desperate shortage of social and affordable housing in Glebe and across the state?  Read more »

Heritage Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020
Posted on 17th October 2020

I wish to express my appreciation to all subcommittee members for their passion, dedication and collaboration as a team. Some of our work is highlighted below.  Read more »

Environment Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020
Posted on 16th October 2020

The proposed new Sydney Fish Market building has been the main focus of the Environment Subcommittee for the past year. Activities have included attending stakeholder meetings about the proposed plan and lobbying politicians.   Read more »

Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy
Posted on 3rd September 2020

On 31 July 2020 the NSW Government issued its 96-page draft Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy. The Planning Strategy is intended to guide the transformation of the Pyrmont Peninsula over the years to 2041  Read more »

How the Blackwattle Bay Precinct and Fish Market Developments intend to deal with increased traffic and transport needs
Posted on 3rd September 2020

Infrastructure NSW has released the Traffic and Transport Strategy proposed for the new Fish Market and Blackwattle Bay Developments. This article summarises what is proposed and what it might mean for Glebe/Forest Lodge  Read more »

A Wolf at the Door
Posted on 3rd September 2020

Readers of the Society’s Bulletin will be aware of the proposal to excise 2A-D Wentworth Park Rd and 17-31 Cowper St, Glebe from the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area in order to change the existing height limit of 9 metres to 36 metres. This is to allow the demolition of a two-storey flat building and four 1980s terrace houses and their replacement by two eight-storey apartment buildings.
  Read more »

City of Sydney: ‘No Greyhound Racing at Wentworth Park’
Posted on 1st September 2020

On 27 July 2020, City of Sydney Council passed a motion to oppose greyhound racing at Wentworth Park. Following this the Lord Mayor will write to NSW government ministers to request the removal of greyhound racing from Wentworth Park and reinstatement of the land as crown reserve for public recreation uses.  Read more »

17-31 Cowper St, 2A-2D Wentworth Park Rd, Glebe
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Brian Fuller, 1 August 2020 You may recall that, in the last Bulletin of 2019 (10/2019), we discussed a proposal by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), and the Princes Trust of Australia to develop a mix of social, affordable and private housing on the site, 17-31 Cowper St, 2A-2D Wentworth Park Rd. […]  Read more »

Yelvertoft DA Refused
Posted on 1st September 2020

by Brian Fuller, Heritage Subcommittee Convenor, 1 August 2020. The City of Sydney has refused the Development Application for the construction of a two-storey contemporary residence to the rear of the Heritage listed Yelvertoft. The new dwelling was to front Alfred St, and would have significantly diminished the curtilage of this heritage cottage. A copy […]  Read more »