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Planning Overview

Planning Overview

In the 1960s, Glebe was viewed as a slum, ripe for demolition. Today it is a sought after residential suburb. The story of this transformation is not only a story of changing tastes and lifestyles, but also the story of a determined group of residents who saw the potential beauty and amenity of their suburb and fought to preserve it from the bulldozers.  Read more »

Posts about Planning

Some of the failures of the proposed development of the existing Fish Market site are identified on the website of the local state member, Jamie Parker

State government putting profit ahead of the public interest and common sense
Posted on 9th July 2020

Message from Glebe Society President, Janet Wahlquist, on 13 June 2020 I am writing to you about the future of Blackwattle Bay and the NSW Government’s plans to ‘revitalise’ it.   The Glebe Society objects to the plan on the following grounds: The proposed 45 storey buildings would tower over the Bay, casting long shadows […]  Read more »

Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenario 1 (photo: Infrastructure NSW)

Planning scenarios for Blackwattle Bay: revitalisation or overdevelopment?
Posted on 7th June 2020

Two very significant steps in the redevelopment of the Blackwattle Bay foreshores have been made public in the last two weeks. Firstly, Infrastructure NSW released a glossy brochure, ‘Revitalising Blackwattle Bay’, setting out its ‘Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenarios’, as the basis for an intensive period of community ‘engagement’ on the redevelopment of the Pyrmont […]  Read more »

The Glebe Foreshore walk is busier than usual during the COVID-19 restrictions

More and better walkways are needed in Glebe
Posted on 17th May 2020

There has been an increase in the number of people walking, running and cycling since the COVID-19 restrictions which allow exercise as one of the reasons to leave home. Exercise has been acknowledged as important for our physical and mental health. On many of the popular walks this has created real issues not just because […]  Read more »

Bidura neglect

Bidura, 357 Glebe Point Road – demolition by neglect?
Posted on 17th May 2020

State Heritage listed Bidura is showing the tell-tale signs of neglect. No maintenance or upkeep is evident, which may result in leaks, further dilapidating the building. Left unchecked, Bidura runs the risk of being demolished by neglect. A cursory look at the building and its curtilage has identified the following issues: The front fence, the […]  Read more »

View of Yelvertoft’s southern façade

Posted on 30th March 2020

Some members will be aware the owner / developer of Yelvertoft, recently lodged another DA in relation to this property. Yelvertoft is a Locally Listed Heritage Item No 1637 and is located at 75 Hereford Street Forest Lodge. The previous 2017 DA was refused by City of Sydney, and the developer subsequently appealed to the Land […]  Read more »

The Sydney Fish Market redevelopment update

The Sydney Fish Market redevelopment update
Posted on 27th February 2020

In early January 2020 The Glebe Society was invited to meet with representatives of Infrastructure NSW to engage in early discussions on the redevelopment of the current Sydney Fish Market and the Bank St precinct. Representing the Glebe Society were Lesley Lynch, Asa Wahlquist and Brian Fuller. Whilst there was not a significant advance on […]  Read more »

Wesley RJ Williams refurbishment

RJ Williams Lodge – 274 Glebe Point Rd
Posted on 27th February 2020

The Glebe Society would like to thank Jamie Parker MP for attending a meeting organised by local residents to discuss Wesley Mission’s proposed plans for the redevelopment of RJ Williams Lodge. More than 70 residents attended this meeting. This site has been vacant since 2010, following the death of a resident who fell from his […]  Read more »

The multi-user facility of Glebe Island.

Glebe Island Multi-User Facility (MUF)
Posted on 21st February 2020

The NSW Port Authority has now approved its plan for a 24-hour shipping port and storage facility for construction materials at Glebe Island. There were many submissions opposing the inadequate amenity protections, particularly at night. In response, the Port Authority promised a precinct-wide noise policy and mandatory protocols for all vessels with 24-hour monitoring and […]  Read more »

Sydney Fish Markets from rowing club

Public submissions show strong opposition to Infrastructure NSW’s plans for the new Sydney Fish Market
Posted on 16th December 2019

The deadline for submissions in response to the DAs for the redevelopment of the Sydney Fish Market (SFM) was 13 November 2019. The Society’s submission concentrated on the following issues: A lack of an acceptable financial business case that justifies the additional expenditure of building over water versus redeveloping the current land site. The early […]  Read more »

Artist’s impression of the NSW Land and Housing Corporation and the Prince’s Trust Australia’s preliminary concept proposal for 31 Cowper St and 2A-2D Wentworth Park Rd

Missed Opportunities for Housing in Glebe
Posted on 3rd December 2019

As we are all aware Glebe is unique as to its blend of private and public housing. The character of Glebe is inextricably linked to this mix and it is reflected in the diverse nature of our population. According to Forest Lodge and Glebe Coordination Group (FLAG), in 2015 around 4,000 people lived in public […]  Read more »

DA is Out But Moving the Sydney Fish Market Makes No Sense!
Posted on 28th October 2019

The objections to the new site relate to the lack of a business case, loss of unrestricted 24 hour access to the foreshore, loss of potential for a waterfront to Wentworth Park amenity, and access and transport implications.  Read more »

Submission to City of Sydney about Retail on Glebe Point Road

Submission to City of Sydney about Retail on Glebe Point Road
Posted on 28th October 2019

The Society recently made a submission the City of Sydney in relation to Glebe Point Road retail.  Read more »

My NBN Story – a cautionary tale
Posted on 8th August 2019

Apparently about 75% of homes are now connected to NBN. That means that in 25%, including many in Glebe, people are waiting anxiously to find out what happens next. When I mention NBN most people have experienced or know of horror stories, for instance back to base burglar alarms seem to be incompatible with NBN. […]  Read more »

Planning Report (May 2019)
Posted on 3rd May 2019

Yelvertoft, 75 Hereford St  Read more »

NBN Rollout
Posted on 3rd May 2019

A window of opportunity exists to get the NBN rolled-out right in Glebe & Forest Lodge – can you help?  Read more »