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Glebe Voices: Artificial intelligence – should you be scared?

  Yuga Cafe: Wednesday, July.19, 2017 -- 06:00 PM  

Although there has been a recent obsession in the media over whether robots will take all our jobs or even undertake all those jobs we don’t want to do, in fact Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been used for decades.

Our next speaker is Andrew Botros who has been building AI applications for 15 years in areas such as medicine, finance and music.

Andrew, whose PhD studies were undertaken in this area, will give us an introduction to the topic and will also discuss the multiple fields that influence and have influenced AI.

Artificial intelligence, also known as ‘robotics’, ‘machine learning’ and many other synonyms, is becoming ubiquitous in our lives.

Please join us for this talk which the presenter promises ‘will be easily digestible over dinner and a glass of wine’.

When? Wednesday July 19 at 6 pm; Where? Yuga Café, 172 St Johns Rd Glebe; Cost: free entry, but attendees are encouraged to support our hosting café by ordering from the choice of light meals and beverages available.

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Location: Yuga Cafe, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe, Sydney


For more information email: Andrew Botros