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My NBN Story – a cautionary tale

Apparently about 75% of homes are now connected to NBN. That means that in 25%, including many in Glebe, people are waiting anxiously to find out what happens next. When I mention NBN most people have experienced or know of horror stories, for instance back to base burglar alarms seem to be incompatible with NBN. […]  Read more »

Community Festival – eight fabulous days!

Community Festival – eight fabulous days!

The Management Committee gave a lot of thought to how to celebrate the ‘Golden Anniversary’ of the Glebe Society. Our first big decision was to hold a Community Festival for Glebe and Forest Lodge – not just something for members.  A steering committee consisting of Judy Vergison, Dorothy Davis and Virginia Simpson-Young took responsibility for […]  Read more »

Glebe Point Road – 1991 to 2018

In 1991, the Department of Planning and Environment took photos of many of the properties in the Glebe Point Road. In 2018 and early 2019,, members of the Glebe Society took new photos of the same properties. Compare how these properties have changed in the intervening 27 years  Read more »

Glebe Society Community Festival Update

The website for the Glebe Society Community Festival is now up and running and can be accessed at
Information on the website will be added to and updated every week   Read more »

Glebe Society Community Festival

Join our 50th Birthday celebrations!  Read more »

Vale Bill Nelson

Vale Bill Nelson

Dr Bill Nelson passed away at the end of March. Older members of the Society will remember his involvement, together with his wife Sally, in the early days of the Society when there was much activity about gardens in Glebe.   Read more »

Looking for a Convenor, Transport and Traffic Subcommittee

The role of Convenor, Transport and Traffic for the Glebe Society will interest you.  Read more »

NBN Rollout

A window of opportunity exists to get the NBN rolled-out right in Glebe & Forest Lodge – can you help?  Read more »

Anzac Day 2019 at the Diggers’ Memorial

Glebe Public school took part in the 2019 Anzac Day service held at Glebe War Memorial. Many attending commented on the presence of the school leaders, Georgina and Justodio, as they handed out sprigs of rosemary to people gathered and then laid flowers at the Memorial.   Read more »

Proposal to Make Harold Park Off-leash for Dogs

The City of Sydney invites feedback on a proposal to make the grass lawn of Harold Park ‘off-leash’.   Read more »

A Total Disregard for Our Heritage Streetscapes?

Unsightly plastic NBN conduit and cabling.  Read more »

Ageing in Place

Ageing in Place

The Community Development Subcommittee hosted a round table afternoon tea and discussion in October last year to gather information from Glebe Society members about their experience and those of friends and relatives with respect to Ageing in Place in Glebe.  Read more »

Council’s new community strategic plan – Sustainable Sydney 2050

Council’s new community strategic plan – Sustainable Sydney 2050

City of Sydney is undertaking an extensive community consultation program for everyone who lives, works and studies in or visits the city.   Read more »

2019 is Party Time … Celebrate 50 years of the Glebe Society!

Next year on 19 June, the Glebe Society will be 50 years ‘young’. Plans are being developed to celebrate this important milestone and the contributions the Society has made to protecting our local heritage and environment and building our community.  Read more »

Wentworth Park – a ‘growth centre’?

Concern has been expressed on the Glebe Society’s Facebook page about the inclusion of Wentworth Park in Urban Growth’s ‘The Bays Growth Area’.  Read more »

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