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Peru Perumal, the Society’s second president (after Bernard Smith), receives life membership from Glebe Society president, Andrew Craig, at the AGM in 2003. (photo: Bruce Davis)

Vale Peru Perumal

Sadly, the Glebe Society’s second president, ‘Peru’ Perumal died on 26 May 2020. Below is a copy of the speech given by Tony Strachan in support of Peru’s nomination for life membership at the Society’s AGM in 2003 (Bulletin 7/2003). I am delighted to be here today and honoured to have been asked to present […]  Read more »

Naidoc 2020

NAIDOC Week 2020

National NAIDOC Week 2020 celebrations will be held from the 8-15 November. The postponement from July was aimed at protecting elders and those in our communities with chronic health issues from the disastrous impacts of COVID19. The 2020 NAIDOC theme is Always Was Always Will Be. This year, the NAIDOC Week poster features the artwork […]  Read more »

Glebe Youth Service with volunteers organising food relief.

Glebe Youth Service Update

The team at Glebe Youth Service (GYS) continue to provide a high level of a support, averaging around 120 boxes of fruit and vegetables per week to around 125 households each week. The food relief program fulfils the dual aims of ensuring food security and providing social connection. When GYS staff and volunteers deliver food, […]  Read more »

The proposed Blackwattle Bay Circular Walk. The blue line represents the proposed walk and the red line shows what is currently possible. (Image supplied by Janet Wahlquist)

A Blackwattle Bay Circular Walk

  There have been calls for many years for a Foreshore Walk around Blackwattle Bay. A circular walk around the whole bay for pedestrians and cyclists would be an attractive and much needed active transport route. We have seen recently the desire of the community to walk, run and cycle and the more attractive that […]  Read more »

Some of the failures of the proposed development of the existing Fish Market site are identified on the website of the local state member, Jamie Parker

State government putting profit ahead of the public interest and common sense

Message from Glebe Society President, Janet Wahlquist, on 13 June 2020 I am writing to you about the future of Blackwattle Bay and the NSW Government’s plans to ‘revitalise’ it.   The Glebe Society objects to the plan on the following grounds: The proposed 45 storey buildings would tower over the Bay, casting long shadows […]  Read more »

Born in Glebe: Mothers, Midwives and Medical Men

30 June 2020 Download ORDER FORM Intrigued by a small group of midwives working in the suburb of Glebe in the late nineteenth century, the author sets out to discover the identity of these women and the nature of their midwifery practice. Along the way, investigating those who were present at a number of birth […]  Read more »

Glebe Community COVID Souvenir Sing

30 June 2020 Download the lyrics sheet here. Our Bulletin for July 2020, gives details of the wonderful initiative of Liz and Albert Lecoanet. If you’d like more details – check out the Bulletin here.  Read more »

Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenario 1 (photo: Infrastructure NSW)

Planning scenarios for Blackwattle Bay: revitalisation or overdevelopment?

Two very significant steps in the redevelopment of the Blackwattle Bay foreshores have been made public in the last two weeks. Firstly, Infrastructure NSW released a glossy brochure, ‘Revitalising Blackwattle Bay’, setting out its ‘Blackwattle Bay Precinct Planning Scenarios’, as the basis for an intensive period of community ‘engagement’ on the redevelopment of the Pyrmont […]  Read more »

The Rocks Green Ban with Jack Mundey, Meredith Burgmann, Nellie Leonard, Peter Wright, 1973 (photo: courtesy Fairfax, supplied by Meredith Burgmann)

Valé Jack Mundey: The Builders Labourers’ leader who saved Glebe

The true saviour of Glebe and inner-city Sydney, Jack Mundey, died on Sunday 10 May, aged 90. We residents owe our pleasant and convenient lifestyle to Jack and the rank and file members of the NSW Builders Labourers’ Federation (BLF). Sydney would be a very different place if the BLF had not saved green space, […]  Read more »

E waste recycling

E-waste collections now kerbside

Did you know that you can order a pick-up from your footpath in Glebe – for your e-waste which is much easier than going to Alexandria. Booking is also pretty simple via the City of Sydney website. The website says that this is what can be picked up in the new e-waste collection: Electronics: TVs, […]  Read more »

Glebe Island Bridge – Demolition by Neglect

The old Glebe Island Bridge sits at the entrance to Blackwattle Bay, permanently open and looking neglected, with grass growing through the cracks, peeling paint and rotting wood – ignored in the Blackwattle Bay Revitalisation Plan. The Glebe Island Bridge was built in 1903 and is regarded as a twin to Pyrmont Bridge which has […]  Read more »

Hanson concrete batching plant demolition (photo: Phil Vergison)

The demise of the Hanson batching plant, May 2020

Demolition of Hansen cement batching plant to make way for the development of the new Sydney Fish Market.  Read more »

Glebe Art Show

Glebe Art Show 2020

The Glebe Society has been informed that the Glebe Art Show committee has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s (2020) Glebe Art Show. Fiona Verge, Secretary, said they made this decision because, due to COVID-19, the organisers could not be certain that public gatherings will be allowed later in the year. She said […]  Read more »

Glebe Music Festival 2020

Assuming it can go ahead, the 31st Annual Glebe Music Festival will take place from 1 to 22 November 2020. It will feature: trumpet and organ in an ‘Enchanted Evening’ with the Nexas saxophone quartet and harpist Emily Granger; Austral Harmony in a concert entitled ‘Floral Sentiments’; Thoroughbass performing Scandinavian folksongs and folksongs re-imagined by […]  Read more »

GYS fruit and vegetable deliveries: an innovation enabling GYS to continue to support the local community (Photo: Michael Sales)

An inspiring local story – Glebe Youth Service response to COVID-19

The April Bulletin had a letter from Keiran Kevans, Coordinator at Glebe Youth Service (GYS), reaching out for community support to pivot their services for vulnerable people in the Glebe community during these pandemic times. Judy Vergison provides an update on the achievements of GYS’s COVID-19 response as GYS adapted their service delivery model and […]  Read more »

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