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2019 is Party Time … Celebrate 50 years of the Glebe Society!

Next year on 19 June, the Glebe Society will be 50 years ‘young’. Plans are being developed to celebrate this important milestone and the contributions the Society has made to protecting our local heritage and environment and building our community.  Read more »

Wentworth Park – a ‘growth centre’?

Concern has been expressed on the Glebe Society’s Facebook page about the inclusion of Wentworth Park in Urban Growth’s ‘The Bays Growth Area’.  Read more »

New Sydney Fish Market: Smart Building, Challenged Site

The design for the new Sydney Fish Market is now on display and Urban Growth NSW is holding public information sessions to boast about its attractive features.  Read more »

Appointment of a New Glebe Society President: Verity Firth

The Management Committee is delighted to announce that, at a meeting held on 31 October, it appointed Verity Firth to fill the casual vacancy of President.  Read more »

Mysterious Old Graffiti in Lew Hoad Reserve

Can you tell us anything about this old graffiti in Lew Hoad Reserve?  Read more »

Call for Ideas Illustrating a Special Moment or Event in the Glebe Society’s History

As part of the Glebe Society’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, a photographic exhibition is being planned of special events in the organisation’s history. If you have a photo, video or document that recalls a special moment in the Glebe Society’s past, whether it be of people, openings (or even closings), place naming ceremonies, campaigns, commemorations, celebrations or community gatherings, please let us know.  Read more »

Re-dedication of Tramsheds War Memorial

The Tramsheds War Memorial is returning to its original location at the Tramsheds. It will be re-dedicated on Thursday 8 November 2018 at 11am.  Read more »

Dirty Reds Film: 88 Years

This 16 minute short film gives a fascinating account of the life, death and rebirth of Australia’s first rugby league team, Glebe Rugby League Football Club.  Read more »

How the Glebe Society is Using Twitter

Alice Simpson-Young shares how the Glebe Society Twitter account is currently being used to illustrate how Twitter works:  Read more »

Do You Have a Den of Foxes Living under Your House?

Foxes have not only been sighted in Glebe, they are suspected of killing two loved, and well-known, pet hens.  Read more »

Where’s the Statue? How We Got to Where We Are

Members may recall seeing an old photo of a statue of a WWI Digger on a white plinth in the centre of the award-winning garden at the Tramsheds.  Read more »

Ian Edwards 1929-2018

Ian Edwards worked as a social worker, a school teacher, a librarian and a taxi driver, and had aspirations to the Anglican priesthood for which his parish priest quite rightly declined to recommend him. Ian was an involved member of the Glebe Society for more than 30 years.  Read more »

On the Public Interest

Presentation by Philip Thalis to the Glebe Society AGM, 19 August 2018, Glebe Town Hall  Read more »

Fox Sightings in Glebe

A fox has been sighted in Glebe at least twice in the last few weeks. The Facebook post received many comments confirming the sighting, but a letter from John and Jenny Sergeant drew our attention to the serious consequences of feral animals in Glebe.  Read more »

Councillor Philip Thalis to be Guest Speaker at the Glebe Society’s 49th AGM

The Society will hold its Annual General Meeting at Glebe Town Hall, St Johns Rd Glebe, on Sunday 19 August at 11am. Councillor Philip Thalis will be Guest Speaker  Read more »

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