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Letter to the City of Sydney on Bellevue DA – January 2018

The Glebe Society welcomes a proposal that has a good chance of success, and thus ensuring the permanent occupation and conservation of Bellevue, and continuing amenity for the community, and in particular users of the popular Waterfront Walk. However, there are matters that need further clarification and additional issues that should be addressed.  Read more »

Submission on the City of Sydney’s Neighbourhood Parking Policy

The City’s current parking policy achieves a workable balance between discouraging commuter parking in Glebe and Forest Lodge and providing residents with priority access to parking.  Read more »

Review of City of Sydney’s Neighbourhood Parking Policy

City of Sydney is reviewing its ‘Neighbourhood Parking Policy’ and is seeking comments on its proposed changes.  Read more »

Remembrance Day 2017 Speech by Max Solling

At this years Glebe Society ceremony for Remembrance Day, historian Max Solling spoke of how in 1919 the local community grappled with the proper way to remember their lost generation.  Read more »

WestConnex: Communities Show Their Distaste for a Bad Project

Submissions on the Environmental Impact Statement for the M4-M5 Link closed on 16 October. The Department of Planning and Environment has received a huge number of submissions opposing the project.  Read more »

Gardening Australia Films in Glebe

Costa Georgiadis, host of ABC TV program ‘Gardening Australia’, and a film crew visited Glebe on 19 October. St Helen’s Community Garden and the kerb garden of Jock Keene in Toxteth Rd were the subjects.  Read more »

Submission to NSW Planning and Environment on WestConnex EIS

Attached is our submission to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment on the Environmental Impact Statement lodged by WestConnex for stage 3 of the project.  Read more »

Damage to Mangroves in the Mangrove Area of Bicentennial Park

Damage to some of the saplings has occurred recently and I suspect dogs. So dog owners please keep your dogs out of the area and if you see dogs in the area, please alert their owners to the potential for damage.  Read more »

Letter to the Minister for Planning and Environment on the Bank St Site

The Glebe Society is pleased to provide its objections to the request for modification of the current development approvals at the Bank St site to allow a change of use to a harbor cruise business and for associated on land changes.  Read more »

Public Meeting on Record Reign Hall

About thirty residents turned out to hear about the proposal for a 68-place Childcare Centre to be located in this remarkable Late Victorian Church Hall, a Heritage Item and landmark that has served the Glebe community in many capacities over it long life.  Read more »

The Glebe Society’s 48th AGM

Forty-three members attended the 48th Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 20 August in the Glebe Town Hall.
After the formalities, the guest speaker, Senior Constable Renee Fortuna, spoke to the members about her work with the youth of Glebe.  Read more »

President’s 2017 AGM Report

By Allan Hogan, August 20, 2017. It’s been a busy year for the Society, with many notable achievements, but we’re not sitting on our laurels, there are ongoing issues that require continuing attention.  Read more »

UrbanGrowth Consultation on Bays

UrbanGrowth NSW will be seeking feedback on draft principles that will inform the creation of a masterplan for the Bays Market District, including a rejuvenated Sydney Fish Market.  Read more »

Invitation to the Glebe Society’s 48th AGM

All members of the Society, and especially new members, are cordially invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Society at Glebe Town Hall, St Johns Rd Glebe on Sunday 20 August at 11am.  Read more »

Letter to the Premier on the privatisation of bus services

Attached is our letter to the NSW Premier questioning the Government’s recent decision to appoint a private operator to run the Glebe and Forest Lodge bus services.  Read more »

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